Gratitude Challenge

I started this challenge today and wanted to share what I’m up to. I have been going, or should I say growing, through life this season; it has been hellish, and I mean hellish in literally all areas of my life. I recently observed that the more I focus on the negatives around me, the worse the situation becomes; maybe you’ve noticed this in your life as well? So I simply decided after watching my girl Terri Savelle Foy (I love her so much, she is simply incredible. I am actively following her like a stalker and purchase so many of her books that I might get restrained. Did I already mention that I love and appreciate her? LOL!) that I will start a gratitude challenge and include all others so we can share our experience through the process.

So here is what I’m doing, a heartfelt little joy you can perform, too.

For ten days, pick one to ten people you’ll send a gratitude message to via email, text or a card/ letter. The message should be purposeful and intentional.


Day 1

  • Bobby – Hey, how are you? Hope your day is going great. Just wanted to appreciate you for being amazing in my life, thank you for being there for me in so many ways. God bless you forever
  • Tammy – Girl, how is it going? Was just thinking about you and wanted to let you know what an awesome person you are. I am so grateful to have you in my life and I appreciate our incredible friendship all these years. I wish you all the goodness, prosperity and joy your deserve and more.

You understand where I’m going, right? Right?! I feel good already letting someone know how I appreciate them. A handwritten card/letter is even more considerate but which ever means you are able to is equally thoughtful and kind. Just imagine how you’d feel if you got that kind of message out of the blue. You’d definitely feel great and hopefully pay it forward also.

Make up your mind, pick any day to start, and let’s share the experience by leaving a comment on this blog or email me. I hope this experience brings you joy, wholeness and appreciation for the gift of gratitude. Let’s go be grateful!


I have battled with how to present this topic so there’s a take away, a lesson and a deep understanding of what it means to NOT forgive. I finally decided to share and Google provided me with a clear definition of the word…so here it is…

Definition -it simply means having a GRUDGE against someone who offended you; not willing to forgive an offense.

Oh yeah, that’s me.. holding on to somethings that people have done to me simply because I’m in constant disbelief that it was done to me. I replay it over and over in my head to try to analyze what I did wrong: the “why me” syndrome. How dare they? How could they? And so on..

So while I beat myself up or cringe when I see them or hear their name, the so-called offender is chilling and having the time of their life, not really thinking about me because I didn’t or haven’t addressed them or myself.

I realized it was a lot of burden, baggage and too much work to be that way, (I wasn’t hateful but just cannot deal) so I DECIDED to look inward to identify why I was hurt and how I MUST let it go!! (Hard to do!!). If you’ve ever been so unexpectedly hurt before, you know what I mean. Anyway, I had to examine the situation and IDENTIFY the part I played without feeling so innocent (Truth, right?) and completely SURRENDERED to GOD for guidance.

You see, my peoples, unforgiveness is a poison that ruins your health and life, and I’m not willing to shorten my lifespan over something that hurt at that time and moment. As Nigerians normally say, “I cannot come and go and kill myself.” (Haha.)

And so, I forgave and completely let go. It’s not worth holding on to the hurt and replaying it over and over. I had to be intentional and prayerfully keep on it.

Anyway, I was able to cope through those times with these important facts…

Unforgiveness hinders my faith from working (Mark 11:22-26), therefore my prayers won’t leave my bedroom (God no gree bad thing) if I have a resentful heart;

That forgiveness is for me, NOT for the offender;

And that I must let go completely.

Lesson – Letting go in this context is better than holding on.

Imagine holding your fist really tightly, then release your hands and open them freely. Do you feel the FREEDOM?

There is freedom in forgiveness!!!


Oh Wow!! This is the first post since the idea popped in my head to share with the world what I have learned, what I’m learning and more of what I’ll learn. My hope is that I am intentional in all my endeavors for the greater good. . Life is meant to be lived fully as best as we can….